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How to Clean Silver Jewellery at Home

When you have a treasured piece of silver jewellery, you want to keep it looking its best so that it makes just as much of an impression every time you wear it. When properly cared for, silver jewellery can stay lustrous for years, so I’ve put together what you need to know about how to clean silver jewellery at home.

1. Polish silver jewellery with a silver polishing cloth

If your silver jewellery is in good shape but just looking a little dull, then the easiest and best way to clean silver is by giving it a gentle rub with a good silver polishing cloth. This is also how you can easily remove tarnish when you first notice it. 

Tarnish starts off as a yellowish tint which can be polished away with ease, but this becomes harder to do if it is left for a long time and the tarnish turns brown and eventually black.

It is worth noting that even well-kept, highly polished silver will slowly mellow over time, but this will allow it to develop a wonderful patina.

2. Use a specialised cleaning solution

If polishing your jewellery with a silver cloth doesn’t clean it sufficiently, then you may consider investing in a specialised silver cleaning solution. Gently rub this on the jewellery first, after which it may be rinsed in clean, warm water. 

3. Avoid household cleaners and acidic products

Avoid ‘home remedies’ that suggest mixing household items to create a cleaning solution - silver is a delicate material that needs special care.

If your silver jewellery does need a more intensive clean, make sure to avoid using any household cleaners or acidic products such as vinegar, as they can react with the metal and cause irreparable damage to the jewellery. 

4. Keep silver jewellery stored on its own

As well as cleaning and polishing your silver jewellery, one of the best ways to prevent it from becoming marked or dirty is to store it correctly. 

You should keep your silver jewellery stored in an airtight bag inside your jewellery box, rather than entangled with other pieces. This will keep the piece looking great for much longer, and prevent pieces from rubbing against each other and causing scratches.

5. Do not wrap jewellery in paper

As a side note, do not wrap silver jewellery in newspapers or coloured tissue paper to try and protect it, as they can react with the metal and cause deep discolouration.

How to prevent your silver jewellery from being damaged or tarnished

While it’s good to know how to clean silver jewellery properly, it’s better to avoid getting it marked or dirty in the first place! 

To keep your silver jewellery in the best possible condition, you should remove your jewellery when it could potentially come into contact with any cleaning or acidic products that could damage it. This might be during household cleaning, when applying lotions and skin creams, as well as when bathing, swimming and during exercise. You should also avoid getting fragrances, hair products or any other cosmetics on your silver jewellery.

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Knowing how to clean your silver jewellery at home is the key to ensuring it looks its best for years to come. Just remember that your first action should always be to try and polish your jewellery with a silver polishing cloth before you attempt anything more intensive.

If you are at all unsure, it is best to try and contact the jewellers you bought the piece from, rather than trying something that might cause damage that can’t be rectified.

If you are looking to add more sterling silver to your collection now you know how to clean and look after it, go ahead and browse our jewellery.