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Tips for Wearing Jewellery on the Beach

Summer is officially here and hopefully many of us can enjoy time spent on the beach this year. Jewellery can help elevate your beach outfits, but you also need to be careful not to lose or damage any precious items. I’ve put together some of my top tips for wearing jewellery on the beach.

Use jewellery to finish your summer outfits

You may think that it’s counterintuitive to put jewellery on when you’re going to the sand and sea, but it can actually help you look great and feel more confident. There is no reason that you need to overlook jewellery when going for a day at the beach! Whether you opt for bright colours or simple silver and gold, you can match earrings and necklaces to your swimwear and summer dresses. 

Opt for beaded jewellery for a summery look 

You want to have the ultimate summer feeling when you’re on the beach, which is why I think beaded jewellery is perfect - and definitely very on-trend at the moment. Our Mayan glass bead bracelets come in a range of attractive styles and bright colours and they are just made for the summer!

Beads also don’t oxidise like silver (see below), for example, which makes them more suited to wearing on the beach and in the sea.

Be careful with rings in the ocean

Lots of people tend to wear their rings at all times - particularly wedding and engagement rings - but when it comes to being on the beach, you might want to consider keeping them in a safe place. This is especially true if you are looking to go for a dip in the ocean - if your ring somehow comes loose while you’re swimming, it could be lost forever!

If you are going swimming, it’s best to remove your jewellery just in case and put it in a safe place. Having said that, you may want to make sure it is still supervised and not unattended if the beach is busy.

Be aware that silver can oxidise

Just as with wearing sterling silver jewellery in the shower, wearing it to the beach and in the sea won’t necessarily harm the metal but the water can oxidise the silver. This means it is likely to tarnish and will therefore start to darken.

However, if this happens, silver can easily be cleaned so if you would prefer to keep your silver jewellery on at the beach - I say go for it! Just remember that if it is particularly precious, you want to be very careful when wearing it in the sea in case it is lost. 

Best to avoid gold-plated jewellery on the beach

We suggest that you avoid wearing gold-plated jewellery while on sandy beaches because the sand can be abrasive and wear away at the plating. Instead, stick to solid metals such as sterling silver and hard-wearing gemstones. If you do decide to wear gemstones, please make sure that their setting is robust.

When it comes to which gemstones are most resilient for wearing at the beach, you can take a look at our blog on the best gemstones for everyday wear.

I hope these tips on wearing jewellery to the beach have been useful. We want you to be comfortable wearing jewellery in all settings, and wearing jewellery to the beach can help you put together some great summer outfits. Just be mindful that you don’t lose anything precious and stick to the most resilient materials!