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Druzy Agate Studs in Gold Plated Sterling Silver with a Round Faceted Gemstone


Druzy Agate Studs in Sterling Silver with a Round Faceted Gemstone


Long Hook Earrings with Stone - Droozy Agate


Druzy Agate is formed naturally on agate stones in a crystalline structure, making a collection of tiny crystals rather than one larger gem. This gives Druzy Agate jewellery a wonderful glittering quality that catches the light beautifully on the grey black hues. It is believed to enhance inner stability, sense of calm and spiritual growth, and works with all seven chakras in your body. Our Druzy Agate jewellery collection features some wonderful handmade pieces that are sure to add a tasteful sparkle to any outfit.

We work directly with talented artisans across India, Mexico and the UK to create our Druzy Agate jewellery, allowing them to use the incredible skill and attention to detail that has been passed down through the generations, and we believe the craftsmanship is clear to see in each piece.