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Our collection of sterling silver and gold plated silver bangles are amongst our most exciting and versatile pieces. Simple but striking, these timeless pieces are impeccably handcrafted with high quality sterling silver.

The Heavy Elliptical Sterling Silver Bangle is a beautiful statement piece of jewellery. Its subtle elliptical shape with tapering sides makes for a highly effective design. At the same time, this design makes the bangle very comfortable to wear, as it sits beautifully on the wrist. This piece can be worn on its own or as an accompaniment to other statement rings and necklaces.

Another of my favourites in this collection is the Intertwined Silver Bangle which is a delicate piece of jewellery made of three sterling silver bangles intertwined together. The fluidity of the design gives this sterling silver bangle timeless beauty and simplicity.

Our Heavy Silver Bangle With a Twist is a beautiful new addition to our bangle collection. This smooth silver bangle is a unique piece with a flattened surface that twists and narrows in the centre. This design feature creates a sleek three dimensional appeal. It has a lovely weight to it and sits comfortably on your arm.

I have many favourites in this distinctive collection handcrafted by skilled artisans in Taxco and the nearby villages. You can see the unique and exceptional quality that has gone into crafting every piece. I believe this gives each bangle greater depth and beauty.