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This small collection is both timeless and beautiful. The subtle yet effective designs of these handmade rings are skilfully executed to create stunning pieces you’ll wear forever.

One of my favourites here is the 7 bands silver eternity ring. It’s a very simple concept yet quite difficult to perfect as the maker takes 7 separate rings and intertwines them flawlessly so they roll easily one on top of each other. The skill is evident in how the bands sit perfectly on top of each other, creating a really appealing piece of fine silver rings with a natural movement which is very compelling.

For a simpler version of ergonomic silver intertwined rings, we also offer a 3 band intertwined ring which is visually lighter to wear. This also comes in a beautiful gold finish – where solid sterling silver bands have been plated in 18K gold for a lustrous look.

For absolute simplicity and style, I love the Wave ring. It’s a clean, contemporary simple silver ring which rises and falls around the finger in a wave pattern. It’s great fun to wear, but retains a distinctive and unusual look.

Once again, all our rings are handmade in Mexico with solid sterling silver. They are sourced from workshops and artisans I’ve discovered through many years of sourcing jewellery around the world.

I choose Mexico for my simple silver rings because I believe the craftsmanship is excellent and the attention to detail and skill of the artisans is incredible. I’ve created personal relationships with many of the men and women who make my pieces and it’s wonderful to see how exporting to customers like Milina London has created a thriving handmade silver jewellery industry in the local area.