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Our Guide to Starting Your Christmas Shopping Early

Christmas is a fantastic reason to celebrate and show your friends and family that you love them. However, the costs can also quickly add up, especially when you need to pay for daily expenses!

Starting your Christmas shopping early is a great way to remove this stress and find more enjoyment in gifting. I look at why you should start your Christmas shopping early and the best ways to do it.

The reasons to start your Christmas shopping early

Spread the cost over several months

If you are looking to keep a closer eye on your spending over the next few months, it can be very beneficial to spread the costs so they aren’t all restricted to one month. 

Avoid the rush and panic

Leaving your gift buying until the last minute can be a very stressful experience! If you are visiting the shops in person, they will likely be very busy. If you are buying online, you might find that certain items are out of stock or the shops don’t have what you want. 

Take advantage of the best deals

Having a longer period to do your Christmas shopping means that you can keep your eyes peeled for the best deals - and take full advantage of them! If you leave it all until December, you might find that you are pressed to pay full price and there aren’t any special offers available on the gifts of your choice.

Avoid any potential disruption to delivery/shipping

Retailers and delivery services become extremely busy during the run-up to Christmas, and although they will be well prepared to cope with the rush, there may be a chance of delays to your shipping time. There is also a cut-off date for Christmas delivery with most retailers, which you won’t want to miss! Avoid this anxiety and start shopping early.

Put more time and thought into your gifts

The final benefit of starting your Christmas shopping early is that you have much longer to put care and thought into what you buy. Rather than panicking at the last minute and buying whatever is available, you can take the time to shop around and find something really meaningful for that person.

How to start Christmas shopping early

Create a list 

Creating a list early consisting of who you want to buy gifts for will help you plan what you’d like to buy for each person. This saves you from impulse purchases that you may regret and that are not apt for the recipient! 

Set a budget and try to stick to it

If you are trying to manage your spending this Christmas, the best way to do this is to set a budget. If you’re spreading the cost over several months, you can even assign a budget to each month and decide which presents you will buy and when.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals and discounts

As I touched on earlier, one of the best things about starting your Christmas shopping early is that you will have more deals and discounts available, so make sure you keep your eyes open for those and shop around where you can.

Consider buying multiple gifts from one shop

Even though you have plenty of time when you start your Christmas shopping early, you can still take advantage of time-saving tactics by buying multiple gifts from a particular shop that you like. As well as saving your time on gift planning, you can also save money on delivery costs by placing a bigger order with one shop. You may also get a great deal if you spend more in one particular place. 

Remember to support independent businesses! 

It can be tempting to find great deals at the big online retailers when you’re shopping for Christmas gifts, but many smaller independent businesses also have plenty of affordable options. If you choose to buy independent or handmade, you will be directly supporting small businesses and talented artisans like ours. Small businesses can also struggle during financially tough times so will really appreciate your support!

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