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Chunky Statement Sterling Silver Wrap Ring



Wavy Oxidised Sterling Silver Ring


Sterling Silver Concave Tapered Ring


Hammered Texture Sterling Silver Ring with a Gap


Chunky Statement Gold Plated Sterling Silver Wrap Ring


Long Chunky Rounded Sterling Silver Ring


Chunky Hammered Wide Sterling Silver Ring


Sterling Silver Wide Chunky Gap Ring



Chunky Organic Shaped Wide Silver Ring with an Open Back


This collection is very close to my heart. Inspired by my first ever visit to the Mexican workshops who create my jewellery, some of my favourite designs are found here.

It’s always a challenge to create a statement ring which is also comfortable and easy to wear but that is the main priority for Milina London.

My favourite, the first ring I sourced and one which is always popular is the Wrapped Ring. Created from a single, smooth ribbon of sterling silver, the ring literally wraps around your finger, with an overlap at the front. The design makes it very flexible, and the soft, textured wrap of the silver is both flattering and comfortable whilst the height of the ring provides the statement.

The newest piece in this collection is the Organic Concave Shaped ring, made by an artisan called Loncho. He’s wonderful to work with as he intuitively understands my ideas and the pieces we create together always delight me. Its sinuous lines and almost mirror-shine finish gives this ring a stand-out design.

Another really special piece here is the Wide Gap Ring. It’s a chunky silver ring with a pleasing weight to it as it’s made with solid sterling silver. The wide gap has a practical function too, as it makes the ring very adaptable. It’s ideal for a gift if you’re unsure of the exact ring size and perfect for those whose hands may change size slightly through the seasons.

Each and every one of these cocktail rings is handmade by talented artisans in Mexico. The workshops and craftsmen I know personally through many sourcing and designing visits to the country. I believe the quality of silver and detail of the workmanship is outstanding in Mexico which is why I choose to source and make my pieces there.

I also love the fact that buying directly through the Mexican artisans ensures old skills continue to be passed on and that fair wages and good working conditions have created a thriving silversmithing industry in the area which is paving the way for the next generation of artisans.