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Long Cuboid Shaped Straight Bar Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings


Sterling Silver Threader Hook Earrings - Turquoise Drop


Falling Leaves Brushed Silver Long Dangle Earrings


Sterling Silver Threader Hook Earrings - Grey Pearl


Long Sterling Silver Threader Earrings with White Pearl Drop


Falling Leaves Brushed Gold Plated Silver Long Dangle Earrings


Gold Plated Long Sterling Silver Threader Earrings with Grey Pearl Drop


This decadent collection of long sterling silver earrings is one of my most treasured, filled with beautiful statement pieces that you’ll love to wear. The silver long earrings are the most intricate and diverse of our earring collection, and they are available in a wide range of tones and designs that can suit any occasion. 

The lace silver earrings are one of the original pieces in this collection and, unsurprisingly, still among the most popular. The elaborate detailing of the lace-inspired mesh is graceful and refined, while the overall teardrop shape creates a sleek drooping movement. A truly exceptional piece, these long silver earrings will be a treasured addition to your jewellery collection for years to come. 

Contemporary and striking, the Gold Plated Falling Leaves are long sterling silver earrings with lasting appeal. With their muted gold finish, they add a touch of flair and opulence to your look. The downward drooping of the leaves with their free attachment to the base creates a dangling movement that beautifully mimics the falling of autumn leaves. The Rose Gold Asymmetric Triangle Earrings are another incredibly special piece in this collection. These long sterling silver earrings have a charming organic finish which contrasts perfectly with the luxurious rose gold aesthetic. The smooth double triangle creates a lovely soft shape, light to wear but undeniably compelling. 

In this collection, the artistry of the work done by the Taxco silversmiths and craftsmen truly shines through. Their skills have been passed down for generations and within these tight-knit communities, their artistry lives on with families who design, make and sell their own pieces. Working with these communities is truly a privilege that makes my work most rewarding and adds incomparable value to each of the pieces in this collection.