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Which Gemstones Can Be Worn Together?

If you are a fan of gemstones like I am, you might find yourself with quite a collection over time. You want to wear all your favourite pieces, but you might be wondering which gemstones can be worn together.

There are no rules and the best thing to do is trust your gut instincts. However, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when it comes to pairing gemstones or choosing jewellery.

Diamonds with other gemstones

Diamonds work well with all other gemstones in my opinion and this is why you often see rings that feature diamonds alongside another favourite stone.

For example, I created a bespoke piece for a client which combined emeralds and diamonds into a three-stone ring and the result was truly beautiful!

As pure diamonds are colourless, they are a good option for pairing with any colour or gemstone you love.

Pearls and moonstones with other gemstones

Pearls and moonstones have an attractive opalescent appearance that pairs wonderfully with more vibrant colours, as well as with similar subtle gemstones.

Since they are generally white or silvery, this gives you a great base to pair with a brighter gemstone such as ruby quartz without the look becoming overwhelmed.

For example, our aqua chalcedony and moonstone ring is an elegant way to combine two gemstones in a single piece, but you can also stack rings or necklaces to create the desired effect.

Gemstones of the same colour but in different shades

There are many different wonderful gemstones out there and you will often come across those that are different stones but a similar colour.

Wearing these gemstones together is one way you can include a bit of variety in your jewellery but still have a cohesive theme holding your pieces together.

For example, our long rose quartz and pink chalcedony earrings are perfect for those who love pink, while fans of green can combine multiple gemstones with our green chalcedony and green onyx earrings.

Gems with complementary hues

Choosing stones with complementary hues that would sit close together on the colour scale also work well, just as greens with blues or pinks with purples.

For example, you can see this with our morganite and tanzanite ring, as well as our amethyst, aqua chalcedony and rose quartz earrings.

These are just examples to show how gemstones can work together in the same piece, but you can also stack multiple gemstone rings or necklaces to create the same effect!

Paler gemstones with a counterpart bolder gemstone

While complementary coloured gemstones work well, another great option can be to create contrast when you are wearing different gemstones together.

For example, with a pair of long or drop earrings, you can have a bold gemstone that alternates with a paler or more subtle gemstone as with these ruby quartz and moonstone earrings or these aqua chalcedony and labradorite earrings.

Simply wear your favourites!

The previous points are things you can bear in mind if you are worried about which gemstones can be worn together, but the truth is that you can wear whichever gemstones you like as long as you feel comfortable and love your jewellery!

Many people have gemstone jewellery that is meaningful to them, whether it's a birthstone, a special gifted piece of jewellery, or something that has been passed down through generations. Being able to wear this whenever you like is the most important thing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you have an existing piece of jewellery and you aren’t sure about how the gemstones appear in it, you can always look at having it remodelled. This can update the look of the jewellery while keeping the sentimental value, and you can even add some new gemstones to the piece.