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Long Cuboid Shaped Straight Bar Sterling Silver Earrings


Sterling Silver Threader Hook Earrings - Pearl


Three Small Interlinked Sterling Silver Circle Hoop Earrings


Silver Earrings - Pearl


Gold Plated Sterling Silver Threader Earrings - Coral Drop


Long Cuboid Shaped Straight Bar Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings


Gold Plated Sterling Silver Threader Earrings - Turquoise Drop


Sterling Silver Threader Hook Earrings - Coral Drop


Sterling Silver Threader Hook Earrings - Turquoise Drop


This collection of silver drop earrings contains some of the most unique and exciting pieces of the entire jewellery collection. It can be challenging to create earrings that are stylish, timeless and comfortable to wear, which is why I treasure this collection so dearly. As comfort is a priority for all the pieces we sell at Milina London, I hope you find exactly what you are looking for and enjoy the beautiful earrings we have to offer.

The hook earrings with the Sphere drop are the perfect staple for any jewellery collection. Simple and stylish, these sterling silver drop earrings are also available gold plated and in rose gold. The Sphere Drop Earrings have an ideal light weight to them and are perfect for comfortable, everyday wear.

Traditional but with a modern twist, the Gold Plated Silver Hook Earrings with a freshwater pearl perfectly balance beauty and simplicity. The long hook adds just the right shape and length to the earring, and in doing so, brings focus to the pearl at the bottom. I love this piece as it is a truly classic composition with a beautiful gold finish that represents so much of the wonderful artistry that went into its creation.

For a striking contemporary twist on the drop earring, one of my favourites is the 3D leaf silver earring. The unique design and bold shape of this piece really stands out, transforming a simple accessory into a captivating piece of modern art.

Working closely with skilled craftsmen ensures that all of our jewellery is of the highest quality. We believe that the history and skill that goes into each piece in this collection truly speaks for itself.