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Round Gold Plated Silver Locket - Medium


Round Silver Locket - Small


Oval Silver Locket - Small


Oval Gold Plated Silver Locket - Medium


Oval Silver Locket - Medium


Tear Drop Gold Plated Silver Locket - Small


Round Silver Locket - Medium


Oval Silver Locket - Large


Round Gold Plated Silver Locket - Large



Our best-selling sterling silver lockets are a contemporary piece of jewellery inspired by the traditional Victorian style glass lockets. 

Lockets are treasured items that hold invaluable memories, often passed down for generations, and we strive to embody this tradition in our beautiful timeless designs, which draw the focus to the photo or item inside. 

The glass lockets combine sterling or gold-plated sterling silver with a glass enclosure to ensure the photos of your loved ones are always on display. These beautiful pieces of keepsake jewellery come in a range of sizes and shapes; for example, the muted gold of the small Round Gold-Plated Silver Locket is combined with the smooth glass in order to add a subtle elegance to this simple locket. Equally, the prominent size of the Large Round Silver Locket makes it an ideal piece to wear as a striking finish to a classically elegant ensemble. Our keepsake glass sterling silver lockets are the perfect gifts for family, friends or even a special gift for yourself.

Each locket is a one of a kind design made by highly skilled artisans from Taxco in Mexico. When you wear these sterling silver lockets it is with the added value of knowing you are supporting people and families in a thriving silversmithing community. The refined skill of these craftsmen and their ability to source local, high-quality sterling silver gives true depth and value to our timeless jewellery collection.