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Jewellery Care

Jewellery cared for properly can be gorgeous for years. Unfortunately silver does tarnish and pearls and semiprecious stones can get damaged on exposure to the environment. The best way to look after silver is by giving it a quick rub with a good silver polishing cloth. Tarnish can be easily removed this way when you first notice it (usually a yellowish tint). However it will become increasingly difficult to deal with as it turns to brown and eventually black.

With goldplated jewellery it is recommended to not expose it to water or soaps as the plating will wear off. If you see any tarnish you can clean it by very gently rubbing it with a polishing cloth.

Storing your jewellery properly is key to keep it looking great. We recommend storing your silver jewellery inside an airtight bag inside your jewellery box. We also recommend that you store each item separately and not in direct contact with other items. This is so that they do not rub against each other therefore minimising scratches, and also not increasing the risk of tarnish. Do not store silver in newspaper or coloured tissue paper as these can react with the metal and cause deep discoloration. This can also cause discolouration of stones and freshwater pearls.

Please note that highly polished silver will slowly mellow over time and develop a wonderful patina.

Do not expose your jewellery to chemicals such as household cleaners, perfumes, hairsprays, etc as these will cause damage and discolouration to the metal and also to the stones and pearls. Please also do not expose your jewellery to acidic liquids such as vinegar, fizzy drinks and alcohol, as this will react with the metal and the pearls and stones. We also recommend that you do not wear your jewellery during activities such as swimming, exercising or gardening, to avoid tarnish and also to avoid knocking and scratching. Do not let your jewellery have contact with hard or abrasive surfaces as this can cause it to get scratched. Avoid carrying heavy bags when wearing delicate rings or bracelets as these can cause damage and also may misshape your jewellery.