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How to Choose a Wedding Ring

Choosing a wedding ring can be an overwhelming process; with so many options, it’s hard to know where to start! So, I’ve put together a guide with the key factors you should consider when looking for your ring. Here is what you need to know about how to choose a wedding ring.

1. Choose your metal 

The first step in choosing your wedding ring is to choose the type of metal you would like. There are no firm rules when it comes to the ‘right’ kind of metal, but the common choices are yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

2. Choose your shape 

To choose a wedding ring that is perfect for you, you need to consider more than just the type of metal - you need to also consider the shape of the band. 

Some of the popular choices are court-shaped (a comfortable style that is slightly rounded on both the inside and outside of the ring), D-shaped (where the inside of the band is flat and the outside slightly curved), and chevron or crescent (where the band is shaped into a chevron or crescent to accommodate the gemstone of an engagement ring when stacked).

3. Consider the width and weight

Your next consideration should be the width and weight you want your wedding ring to be. For example, do you want a thicker, more noticeable band, or would you prefer something thinner, lighter and more delicate?

4. Set a budget

Unfortunately, weddings involve a lot that you need to spend money on, so it is important you set a budget for your wedding ring that also takes into account the other items you need to pay for. While a wedding ring is a unique purchase that you can spend a little extra on, having a set budget will help you to narrow down your choice!

5. Do you want a traditional band or something set with gemstones/diamonds?

Wedding bands are traditionally plain, allowing the beauty of the metal to shine, often contrasted with the more elaborate design of an engagement ring, so that the two don’t clash when stacked. 

With that being said, there’s nothing wrong with having a more elaborate wedding band if that is your preferred style. You can find some beautiful styles that incorporate diamonds or other gemstones into their design.

6. Consider having bespoke rings made

One of the best ways to choose your ideal wedding ring is to consider having it custom-made. This way, you can specify exactly how you want your wedding rings to be and they will be entirely unique to you and your partner.

For example, if you have wedding rings in the family or any other jewellery that is special to you, these could be remodelled into beautiful new wedding bands that fit your exact requirements while also having additional sentimental value and meaning.

If you think having a bespoke wedding ring created especially for you sounds like the direction you would like to go, then you can take a look at our bespoke service.