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How to Wear Long Necklaces

Necklaces are a jewellery staple that can subtly complement an outfit or be the central feature. However, not everyone feels comfortable styling long necklaces, even if they have seen or already own one that they like. So, I have put together some tips on how to wear long necklaces so that you can incorporate them seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Opt for layering

My first tip for how to wear long necklaces is to layer them. By pairing a few necklaces together, you can create some wonderful combinations. 

For example, wearing necklaces of different lengths together or pairing a long necklace with a shorter one can add some wonderful texture to your outfit and will allow you to play with different styles. 

The necklaces don’t have to match either, just pairing a common element such as a gemstone or a metal type can be enough to create a sense of harmony.

When you are wearing a stack of necklaces with a long necklace, it can work well to have a statement choker or a more statement mid-length necklace with it.

Choose a larger pendant

With certain outfits, you might find that a delicate long necklace can get visually lost or look out of place. If you opt for a larger pendant, the necklace looks like a more conscious choice and will stand out against more styles. 

A large pendant doesn’t have to be overly bold to work - even simple styles in a chunkier design are often enough to achieve the desired effect.

Allow your statement long necklace to be the focal point

A statement long necklace can do a lot of the work for your outfit, so it is ok to let it be the focal point. A statement necklace can be enough to give a simple outfit, such as a plain blouse and jeans, a little complexity, and you should allow the statement necklace to be framed by your top, rather than it lying across the neckline.

Try a lariat necklace

Lariat necklaces are another great choice when it comes to long necklaces. Unlike traditional necklaces where the chain would fall down your neckline on both sides to meet the pendant, a lariat-style necklace meets at a higher point (which is often adjustable) and then features a decorative drop that falls in a single line. Lariat necklaces can be delicate or bolder pieces, making them versatile and suitable for a range of different outfits and necklines.

Pair with simpler jewellery pieces

My final tip on how to wear long necklaces is to try and pair your necklace with other jewellery pieces that are simpler in design but complement the necklace in some way. 

For example, you could use matching metals, or wear a piece that features the same gemstone. A little goes a long way and even just a simple pair of earrings, gemstone ring, or elegant bracelet can be the perfect pairing for your long necklace.

That concludes my guide on how to wear long necklaces! Remember that your personal taste is the most important factor and you should opt for whatever appeals to you and makes you feel confident.

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