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The Best Types of Bracelets for Men

To celebrate the launch of our new men’s capsule collection, I wanted to take a look at the trends for men’s bracelets in more detail. It is becoming far more common and fashionable for men to wear more jewellery than just their traditional wedding ring, and I am thrilled that men are now embracing the world of jewellery. In this blog, I run through some of the best types of bracelets for men.

Types of men’s bracelets

Plain leather bracelet

One of the most popular types of bracelets for men is a plain leather bracelet. This is a simple, stylish and chic option for men to wear on a daily basis. These will typically be made up of one or two leather bands and then fastened with a metal clasp, usually a magnetic one, for easy everyday use. For added interest, you can opt for a leather band with added decoration, such as our black leather bracelet with steel spacers.

Multi-layer leather bracelet

Layering jewellery is a trend that has also been adopted by men. For those men who want a more statement bracelet but don’t want to wear lots of separate bracelets all at the same time, I would recommend a multi-layered leather bracelet. This is a clever way to create a layered look without having to buy multiple different pieces. For example, our brown Nappa leather bracelet contains multiple different bands all fastened together with a single stainless steel magnetic clasp.

Textured leather bracelet

If you like the idea of a single band bracelet but want something a little different to the classic style of plain leather, I think that a textured bracelet could be the right option for you. These can be a bit more experimental in terms of colours and patterns and have that weathered look which is perfect for something a bit edgy. We love our brown textured leather bracelets which are accented with stylish rose gold spacers and clasp.

Metal band

Moving away from leather, another good option for men can be a simple metal band or bangle, whether it’s stainless steel, silver or a more expensive material. These can look very sleek and classy and tend to be stiffer, unlike a bracelet made from soft leather. Much like choosing a watch strap, it’s all down to personal preference!

Chain bracelet

If you like the idea of a metal bracelet, but don’t want something quite as rigid as a metal band, then a chain bracelet or a bracelet with wider links could be the option for you. Just like chain necklaces, chain bracelets are becoming increasingly popular, and can look different if you want a statement piece.

Stone and bead bracelet

Bead bracelets have grown in popularity, with men often wearing a few together and mixing it up by having bracelets in varying materials or with different stones. You can have bracelets made up of one type of stone, like lava rock, those interspersed with different motifs such as animals or silver beads, and those containing different stone beads to give a colourful effect. The style and choice of stones can be customised to your taste and may give a more personal touch to your bracelet. These bracelets are usually made with elastic wire but can also be made with cord and a metal clasp. 

Best materials for men’s bracelets

In terms of materials, I am a little partial to soft and supple leather. I feel that these bracelets are stylish, practical and comfortable, which is why we chose to make our capsule collection from leather. We also added magnetic clasps and accented details in stainless steel which make the bracelets more interesting and easier to wear.

Best colours for men’s bracelets

The colour you choose for a man’s bracelet is really down to personal preference but, much like women’s bracelets, simple and sophisticated often looks better. For materials such as leather, black, brown and grey are the best options. You could also add a bit of colour by using a dark khaki green or navy. When it comes to metals, again it is a personal choice.  We usually stick to three colours: silver, gold and rose gold, although oxidised silver can also look really nice if the bracelet is made well.

So, there you have it! I hope this guide to the different types of men’s bracelets, including styles, materials and colours, has been useful. 

If you like, you can browse our new men’s collection, or you can get in touch with us to find out more about the bespoke jewellery service we offer.