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5 Ideas for Repurposing Old Wedding Rings

As we are all in lockdown, we must all have been trying to do things around the house to keep ourselves busy. I have been going through my cupboards and sorting things out. That is what gave me the idea for this blog as I thought that you may have been sorting through your old belongings too. 

This can be a big and sometimes daunting job, but it can also unearth many old forgotten treasures! For example, you might stumble upon an old wedding ring that has been passed down through your family but has been stored away, unused.

If this is something that sounds familiar, or you have an old wedding ring that you no longer use, because it may not fit right or may not be the style you like, there is something you can do to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. In this blog, I look at five different ideas for old wedding rings so that you can upcycle them into something new.

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1) Get it remodelled into a new, updated version of the ring

One of the best ways to repurpose an old wedding ring is to upcycle it and create a new ring. If it is of high sentimental value, you can keep certain aspects of the ring and make a new ring to your taste. You could use the new ring as an engagement or wedding ring, or just a lovely present. 

For example, one of my client’s asked me to remodel his grandfather’s ring into a new ring for himself at his wedding. We kept the initial style of the ring while making it look more modern.  

We offer a bespoke jewellery making service at Milina London and I’m always thrilled when people bring old heirlooms to reuse as we can use this to create a new and unique piece of jewellery for them which holds that sentimental value.

2) Get it remodelled into a completely different piece of jewellery

If you do not want to upcycle the old wedding ring into another ring, you can always make it into another piece of jewellery, such as a pendant or a bracelet.  We can always keep certain features of the ring and design around it. For example, if you like the way the stones are set in the ring, we may be able to use the setting and remodel it into a pendant to wear on a chain, or into the centre-piece of a bangle.  

You can also just use the gemstones of the ring and make a completely new design.  However, we need to check if we can safely remove the stones from the setting.  For example, some stones such as emeralds can be very delicate and can fracture easily. We can also just use the metal of the ring and make something else out of it. We would need to check the purity of the metal for this.

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3) Wear it on a necklace

If you are looking to keep the ring as it is, a simple thing you can do is wear it on an existing chain that you have! This is a lovely way to keep the original piece and its sentimental value whilst using it in a very contemporary manner. 

4) Keep as a gift to pass down generations

If you want to preserve the old wedding ring as is, one thing you can do is to keep it as a gift to pass down the generations. If a dear family member is getting married, it may be nice for them to use the ring as their wedding ring, or a special ring they can wear, especially if they have a sentimental attachment to it. Most rings can be resized to fit the new owner.  

You can also let that family member know about some of the other options available to them, such as repurposing or upcycling the ring to something new and more unique to them.

5) Give as a gift to someone in need of a wedding ring

If you know that you definitely don’t want to hold onto the ring, in whatever form, and you also don’t want to give it to a close friend or family member, the other option is to donate it to someone in need. Although weddings have been postponed for the time being, many are still hoping to celebrate their special days in the near future and this can be a very expensive time!

Perhaps you could look into local charities and initiatives who can help offer wedding rings to couples who are looking to get married but have a limited budget.

Those are just a few ideas I had for how people can repurpose old wedding rings they have been storing! Do remember that we are happy to consider all kinds of bespoke jewellery projects, and we can work on these digitally and over the phone with you, so feel free to get in touch.