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How to Style Multiple Rings Together

Mixing jewellery is a popular trend at the moment and one that I love because it allows you to wear several favourite pieces at once, whilst creating your own unique style.

Many people choose to wear multiple rings on a regular basis, but some of you may have questions about how best to style them. In this blog, I outline some of my top tips on how to style rings together - however, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and express yourself, and there are no rules for that!

1. Don’t be afraid to mix metals

You might feel like you have to limit yourself to all silver or all gold rings, but mixing metals can be really fun and look great too.

Instead of matching metals, you might try to pick complementary stones or similar styles in your rings, but ultimately you can wear whichever rings you like if you do so with confidence!

2. Have one statement ring with the rest more subtle

If you’re not sure where to start with styling multiple rings, a good rule is to have one statement ring as your “centrepiece” and then add other delicate rings which complement your statement piece.

If you are looking for inspiration on statement rings, you can view our curated collection of bold and chunky rings.

3. Stack multiple bands on one finger

You don’t have to stick to a rule of one ring per finger - stacking two or even three smaller rings together can create an eye-catching look.

Our gemstone rings, for example, are great for stacking when you want to bring complementary colours together. You could also create the illusion of stacking with our sterling silver two line ring - a clever design that means you only have to choose one piece for the stacked effect!

4. For a less busy look, wear rings on alternate fingers

For some, wearing lots of rings suits their style, whereas others might feel that it’s too busy. If you want to style multiple rings, but do so in a more understated way, another tip is to wear the rings on alternate fingers. This creates space between the rings and allows each ring to stand out.

5. Balance rings evenly across your fingers

On a similar note, a good word to keep in mind when styling multiple rings is balance. It can look uneven if you wear all your rings on one hand, or on one side of your hand, so consider spacing them out so that it doesn’t look too crowded.

6. Remember to tie in with other jewellery

Part of the styling process with rings is to also think about the other jewellery you wear - particularly bracelets, but also earrings and necklaces! It can help you to feel more confident if you have a central uniting theme for all your pieces, whether that is a certain colour or colour combination, style, shape, or motif.

7. Be careful when choosing the size for each finger - remember to measure

One thing to keep in mind if you are looking to buy multiple rings is that you will need different sizes depending on which finger you choose to wear it on. A thumb will be wider than your ring finger, for instance!

You will, therefore, need to decide which finger your chosen ring is destined for before you buy it, as you will need to measure that finger to get the correct size. If you are looking to measure for a ring before you buy, you can use our handy ring size guide.

I hope these tips on how to style rings together have been useful for you! As always with jewellery, the best idea is to go with what makes you feel confident and stylish, so choose rings that make you feel this way!

If you are currently looking for rings to add to your jewellery wardrobe, you are welcome to browse our collection of sterling silver rings.