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What Are the Different Styles of Engagement Rings?

There are many different styles of engagement rings to choose from, including different stones, cuts and settings, and it can be a bit overwhelming! So, I’ve delved into the various choices that need to be made when selecting an engagement ring.


Which stone should you choose?

The most popular stone for an engagement ring is, of course, a diamond. This is a beautiful stone that carries a lot of meaning and is the traditional choice for anyone choosing to get engaged. 

However, a diamond might not be suited to everyone and you can definitely consider other stones! Stones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies also make excellent choices for an engagement ring if you want an option with a brighter and more vibrant colour.

You may have a gemstone in your family that you want to repurpose into an engagement ring. This can be a great option that is full of meaning, and a beautiful way to pass on an heirloom. Many of our clients come to me with such a  request and we can create a beautiful engagement ring with their chosen stone as part of our bespoke service.


What are the different engagement ring stone shapes?

1. Round brilliant

This is an iconic and classic style of engagement ring which is why it is so popular. It is round, as the name suggests - almost a cone shape with the top rounded off to create the desired look. This cut also ensures a very sparkly stone because of the facets.

2. Princess

A princess cut is another popular choice for engagement rings - this is a square stone that has pointed corners to create a dramatic and eye-catching piece. It is often paired with a band that has diamonds set around the edge.

3. Cushion

The cushion cut is similar to the princess cut with its square shape, but it has rounded corners which are also reminiscent of the popular round brilliant cut. It is an attractive style of engagement ring with a soft and timeless appeal. 

4. Emerald

An emerald cut consists of a rectangular-shaped stone with step-cut facets within the stone which creates a glamorous and vintage look.

5. Oval

As the name suggests, this style of engagement ring involves an oval stone. It is similar to the round brilliant cut but has a more unique shape if you or your partner are looking for something a little different!

6. Baguette

Despite its unusual name, the baguette cut is a very attractive style of engagement ring. It is similar to the emerald cut but is slimmer and more dainty, and is often surrounded by other stones.

7. Marquise

Also known as the football-shaped cut or eye-shaped cut, this is another unique style of engagement ring that can look very beautiful. It is a lengthened stone in an elliptical shape with sharp ends. It is believed that the shape was supposed to resemble a woman’s smile.

8. Pear

Sometimes referred to as a teardrop-shaped stone, the pear cut is another more unusual style of engagement ring that is close to the oval but with a single pointed end.

9. Radiant

If you are looking for the brilliance that a classic round cut provides but with a more unique shape, it is worth looking at the radiant cut. This has a square or rectangular shape but with many facets that ensure its brilliance and sparkle.

10. Heart

While a heart cut stone won’t be for everyone, it is an option for those who want to make a more obvious declaration of love that can be displayed as an engagement ring. As the name suggests, the stone is cut in a heart shape!


How does the cut affect the brilliance of the stone?

As you’ve probably picked up from all the different styles outlined above, the cut of the diamond or other gemstone also affects its sparkle and how brilliant it is. One of the reasons a round brilliant cut is so popular is because it has that beautiful sparkle.

Other shapes may not have as many facets that produce that shine, but they may have a more appealing shape, so it is all about finding what speaks to you.

The cut that you opt for can also help to get rid of inclusions in the stone - a jeweller will be able to advise you on the best cut for achieving the desired look for your stone.


What are the different settings for an engagement ring?

Below are some of the common settings for engagement rings. In an upcoming blog, we are going to explore different types of stone settings in more detail, so keep an eye out for that!

  • Claw
  • Bezel/ rub-over
  • Channel
  • Tension
  • Trilogy 
  • Cluster
  • Halo
  • Pavé
  • Flush

I hope this guide to the different styles of engagement rings has been useful! It can be worth using a bespoke service like ours to create your engagement ring as you have full control over choosing the stone or stones, the shape and the cut and you can work in collaboration with the jeweller to create your perfect ring!