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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Jeweller

When you’re looking for a new piece of jewellery, you want to make sure you are investing in something that is high-quality and has been designed and made with care. 

I believe that the personal touch is really important, as the process of buying or commissioning jewellery is an experience, not just a purchase. That’s why, here at Milina London, we are striving to become a family jeweller online, bringing back a friendly, service-oriented approach where we build relationships with our customers.

Based on my experience in the industry, I’ve brought together six questions to ask a jeweller when you’re deciding on who to choose.

What is their story?

The first thing to do is to understand the designer and craftsmen  working on the jewellery. This way, you can build a rapport with them and get a sense of whether they understand your jewellery needs.

For example, I have always believed that jewellery is far more than just an accessory, it is a piece of art that can be passed down the generations. I’ve been inspired by talented artisans around the world, which drove me to set up my own independent jewellery business.

By finding out the story behind your jeweller, you will get an understanding of their passion and what drives them. This will help you choose the jeweller that truly cares about what they’re going to be creating for you.

Who designs the jewellery?

The next thing you want to know is who will be the creative mind behind the jewellery. Not all styles are the same so you want to really understand the design process and whether you can work alongside the designer to find a piece that suits you!

It can also be really interesting and eye-opening to get a sense of what the designer’s inspiration is for different collections and pieces.

How is the jewellery made?

Provenance is very important when it comes to jewellery and I strongly believe that customers should know how their pieces are made and where they come from. The high street has plenty of pieces which are mass-produced and you never really get a sense of where they have come from and who has created them.

We work with talented artisans in India and Mexico, helping them share their wonderful heritage and skills here in the UK. Jewellery is always best when you can appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship in each piece, and we believe this is the case with our artisan jewellery.

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Can they make custom jewellery?

One thing that separates out jewellers with a real personal touch is their ability to offer a bespoke service. This is a truly valuable offering if you’re looking for a jeweller because they will be able to design and craft something that is entirely unique and exclusively made just to suit you.

As part of our goal to build relationships with our customers and become their local family jeweller, we offer a bespoke service where we can design and create the very piece you’ve been searching for.

Can they upgrade old pieces of jewellery?

Another useful question to ask a jeweller is whether they’re able to upgrade or repurpose existing pieces of jewellery. This is a valuable service that allows you to modernise treasured family heirlooms and keepsakes, keeping the memories while creating a piece of jewellery that you can wear in everyday life.

This is something we are proud to offer our customers so that they can keep pieces which have sentimental value. Whether it’s recreating an existing piece of jewellery or setting a family gemstone, it’s absolutely possible to bring new life to old jewellery.

Will they be able to advise on what suits you best?

The final and probably the most important thing you want in a jeweller is honesty, which is why you should ask the question of whether they will be able to advise you based on their knowledge. It’s easy to find someone who is willing to sell you a piece and may therefore not give you their honest opinion. 

Instead, you want a jeweller who can genuinely advise you on the colours, shapes and styles that will suit you best. You also want to know that you are getting the quality you are paying for. 

This is a quality I have always championed in my work and I see the jewellery design or the decision process as a two-way street. I always like to offer my customers honest feedback and guidance, making them regular clients and sometimes friends!

I hope this brief guide to questions you should ask your jeweller has been useful! It’s important to go with your gut and find someone who will be able to provide the services you require. For any further questions you have regarding jewellery, please do feel free to get in touch.