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This beautiful gemstone is so iconic that a colour has been named after it. Sitting squarely between blue and green, this uniquely coloured stone often features intricate inclusions from the rock it was mined from and makes for some vibrant, eye-catching jewellery. Turquoise is an ancient gemstone and regarded as a stone for protection. Many horse riders wore Turquoise in a belief that it would reduce the chances of falling!

Our Turquoise jewellery collection features earrings, bracelets, and rings in a range of fantastic styles from simple pieces to more intricate designs. Turquoise is also one of the birthstones for December, so if you know someone with a December birthday, a thoughtful piece of Turquoise jewellery can be the perfect gift.

We work directly with talented artisans across India, Mexico and the UK to create our Turquoise jewellery, allowing them to use the incredible skill and attention to detail that has been passed down through the generations, and we believe the craftsmanship is clear to see in each piece.