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The Importance of Jewellery that Donates to Charity

Jewellery is one of the most popular gifting items, and a great way to show someone special that you care, but these gifts are even more special when they also help others.  

This is why I believe it is important for customers to seek out jewellery brands who donate to charity and try to make a difference in their community, as well as those who support sustainable and ethical practices ‒ businesses with a soul. 

Charitable giving

By buying jewellery from a brand that donates to charity, as well as giving someone a thoughtful gift, you could be giving someone less fortunate much more. The recipient of the gift will treasure the item that much more because they know that your purchase has had a positive impact on the world.

An easy way to donate

I believe that one of the big advantages of buying from these brands is that you can donate to charity by doing what you were going to do anyway – buying jewellery. By adopting this mindset across all your purchases, you could be making a big difference.

Reduces environmental impact

Whilst some jewellery brands that donate to charity only use natural or sustainable materials, all manufacturing activity has some environmental impact, and by giving back to environmental charities, brands can work towards reducing their carbon footprint dramatically.

Leading by example

If more people prioritise jewellery brands who give to charity and operate sustainably, other brands may be encouraged to adopt similar practices, as they realise how important these factors are to their customers.

Helping communities

I believe it’s important to extend beyond charitable donations where possible. As well as partnering with charitable organizations in the UK, we support artisan jewellery makers in India and Mexico, ensuring fair working practices so that they can pass on their valuable skills and traditional methods through the generations and keep their craft alive.

This is helping small, remote artisans to reach a wider audience. These amazing craftsmen  use only high-quality natural materials, so the jewellery is not only unique but sustainable too.

Milina London and Brilliant Little Brands

Here at Milina London, we are pleased to work with Brilliant Little Brands, a charitable online marketplace for independent British brands. 10% of all sales made through Brilliant Little Brands are donated to wonderful charities such as Save the Children, Macmillan, Project Harar, The Pink Place and more.

Brilliant Little Brands was set up by a group of small business owners from the charity fair circuit for brands who donate to charity and who operate ethically and sustainably, so that customers can easily make purchasing decisions that benefit others and support their communities.

Milina London is among a curated selection of bespoke jewellers featured on the Brilliant Little Brands, but brands across all sectors - such as fashion, travel, technology, art, wellbeing and beauty - are also involved with this great project.

By being more considerate with our purchases, we can all make a difference. Charitable organisations welcome all the support they can get so they can continue to affect positive change. By shopping for jewellery from brands that donate to charity, you are giving that support.