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How to Wear Gold and Silver Jewellery Together

A question I often get asked is whether it’s okay to wear gold and silver jewellery at the same time. I answer the question here and give you some tips you can keep in mind if you want to mix your metals.

Can silver and gold jewellery be worn together?

The short answer is: yes, they absolutely can! There is a long-standing myth that this is a “style faux pas” but gold and silver can look very attractive when mixed or layered together - adding interest to your outfit and allowing you to express your personality through your jewellery.

Tips for wearing silver and gold jewellery

1. Keep it balanced

While you don’t need exactly the same amount of gold and silver jewellery, it can be a good idea to blend these metals evenly so that one doesn’t get overpowered by the other. If you are mixing gold and silver rings, for example, you can space these out across your fingers, or if you are wearing necklaces in different metals, you can arrange them in alternating layers.

2. Choose a uniting colour or gemstone

A great way to tie gold and silver pieces together neatly is by having the same colour or gemstone feature across them. Whether you are a fan of blue tones or perhaps ruby quartz gemstones, having the same colour can be a great way to wear both gold and silver while still having a theme to your jewellery.

3. Mix metals across different pieces

If you’re not ready to wear both silver and gold rings at the same time, for example, you can still wear gold and silver separately across types of pieces. Wearing a gold pair of earrings with a silver necklace, or a gold bracelet with silver rings can be a perfect way to ease yourself into the world of mixing metals.

4. Find pieces that already mix metals

Some jewellery is already made from both silver and gold which can look incredibly striking! One of my favourite examples of this is our five-band ring which features silver, gold-plated silver and oxidised silver in one design. With pieces that already mix gold and silver, you can be sure that the designer has thought carefully about how it will look.

5. Experiment with rose gold

If you are already mixing silver and gold pieces, you can tie them together by including some rose gold pieces in the mix too. Rose gold is a happy medium between silver and gold and can act as a bridge to bring all the metals together with a particular look.

5. Choose the pieces that make you feel good

The most important tip for wearing silver and gold together is simply to have fun and feel your best while you are doing it! As I said at the beginning, there is no rule against mixing metals or even colours or gemstones, so choose the pieces that allow you to express your personality and have fun with your accessories.

I hope you now feel more confident about wearing silver and gold jewellery at the same time! There is no reason not to pair some of your favourite pieces together just because they are different metals - in fact, they can complement each other very nicely.

If you are looking to add some new pieces to your collection, you can browse our sterling silver and gold-plated jewellery.