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How to Build Your Capsule Jewellery Collection

Capsule jewellery is used to describe the key pieces of jewellery that will become the staples in your everyday life. These are usually well-loved, classic pieces that you keep and wear for a long time.  Rather than encouraging fast fashion and wear-once purchases, capsule jewellery is a more sustainable approach to accessorising. 

If you’re wondering how to build your capsule jewellery collection, we’ve put together things to consider for each key piece. It’s important to choose pieces carefully and select those that chime with your own unique style.


Everyday stud earrings

Stud earrings are possibly the easiest for everyday wear as they can help bring something a little extra to your features, without overwhelming your look. When looking for stud earrings, it’s important to think about your preferred metal - are you more of a silver or gold wearer? Regardless, it’s probably a good idea to have both in your collection!  

You should also think about the shape of your studs. Do you prefer simple ball studs or something a little more unique like a square shape?


Simple rings for everyday

Rings are a wonderful way to accessorise your hands and let your personality shine through. Some people prefer just one bold ring, like this silver wrapped ring, while others may like to combine a few simple rings to create their own unique combination.

It’s important to keep in mind the shape and size of the band - from slender to chunky, it’s completely up to you which best suits your style.


A delicate pendant necklace

Another useful piece for your capsule jewellery wardrobe is a delicate pendant necklace that can be worn on a daily basis and with a variety of outfits. Chain length will be a key choice here - make sure your necklace sits just right for you or opt for an adjustable chain for greater choice.

When choosing the pendant itself, you should consider shapes, styles and patterns that you are most drawn to. Perhaps a simple round disc will be best for your signature look, or you might choose something more dramatic and stylish like our Labyrinth pendant on a long cord. 


A simple bangle

Bangles are a delicate way to add interest to your wrist and can be worn both daytime and evenings. Again, you want to think about whether you want something simple and sophisticated, a bracelet with a little more intricate detailing, or perhaps an intertwined bangle.

When building up your capsule jewellery collection, you should feel free to mix gold and silver - although there’s a long-standing opinion that this shouldn’t be done, we actually think it can look really impactful and carefully styled.


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Statement earrings for the evening 

Alongside your everyday stud earrings, you will want to find a pair of statement earrings for evenings and special events - something that makes you feel dressed up and ready to have fun.

There are a whole variety of options for statement earrings - both silver and gold. Some people like a large hoop, others a drop, and long, decorative earrings can also be an incredibly popular choice, like these gold-plated silver filigree earrings

Make sure to keep in mind the weight and size of the earrings when you choose - you’ll know what makes you feel most comfortable.


Statement necklace for the evening

You would also like a statement necklace to complete your capsule jewellery collection.

A classic and elegant option for a statement necklace is a silver choker - this offers variety from your everyday pendant and can be worn with a variety of necklines. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about capsule jewellery and how to build your own personal collection. To get started, you can browse our new arrivals.