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Our Favourite Valentine's Day Jewellery Ideas

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and one of the most popular gifts for this special day is a thoughtful piece of jewellery. But, with so many options out there, where do you start? We’ve put together some of our favourite valentine’s day jewellery ideas to help you pick something special that your partner will love. 

1. Something heart-themed

There’s not much more quintessentially “valentine’s day” than a heart, so why not treat your significant other to a piece of jewellery with a heart motif? For example, this chunky silver heart necklace has a wonderfully contemporary design, is made from solid silver, and can add a stylish touch to any outfit. 

2. A pair of simple earrings

One of our favourite valentine’s day jewellery ideas is a simple pair of earrings. These could be delicate studs or drop earrings, but if you opt for something simple, then your partner can wear them every day, not just for special occasions. These Puffy Heart Studs are simple and elegant, and the heart design is perfect for valentine’s day. 

3. A meaningful locket

If you want to add a truly personal touch to your valentine’s day gift, then a locket is a great idea. You can place something meaningful or symbolic inside the locket, such as a photograph, a lock of hair, or a dried flower. This oval gold-plated locket is made from glass that magnifies the object inside slightly so that even the smallest of mementoes can still be seen with perfect clarity. 

4. A handsome bracelet

A meaningful piece of jewellery such as a bracelet can be worn every day as a reminder of your love. Attractive jewellery doesn’t always have to be silver or gold either, as demonstrated by this brown Nappa leather men’s bracelet

5. A pair of fine cufflinks

If you want to buy some special occasion jewellery for your significant other, then one of the best options is a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks make a wonderful gift as they provide the finishing touch to a formal outfit and allow a little more expression without overpowering the look. We have a wonderful range of cufflinks featuring both subtle and vibrant patterns, such as these Celtic-themed cufflinks

6. Choose a piece in fine gold or diamonds

If you are looking for something truly special this valentine’s day, then a handcrafted piece made from fine gold and diamonds is the perfect gift idea. While your significant other may not wear this piece daily, having something delicate and eye-catching for special occasions will be truly appreciated.

Our Indian Ocean collection features many pieces of fine gold and diamond jewellery, such as this beautiful bracelet in 9k yellow gold, which will complement an evening gown perfectly. 

That concludes our roundup of valentine’s jewellery ideas, but remember there are no set rules for jewellery - choose something you feel suits your partner and they will cherish it for years to come.