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Dressing for Video Conference Calls: Accessories & Style

With the UK government advising us, once again, to work from home where possible during the pandemic, I am sure we will see the return of more virtual meetings and video conferences. 

Through lockdown I have been having many interesting conversations with friends, and also other brand owners, with regards to how people dress for “work from home”. I feel, now more than ever, people are concentrating on making a better impression with how they look when signing in for their meetings, while at the same time dressing more comfortably to be able to work in their home environment.

This inspired me to put my thoughts together in a blog on dressing for video conferencing, with a focus on choosing your accessories and jewellery. 

Statement earrings

People can mainly see your head and shoulders during a video call, so the best way to make an impression is with your earrings!  

Having said that, it’s important to not go completely overboard. You would want to remain professional, so it’s all about striking the balance which shows clients or colleagues that you’ve made an effort whilst still being work-appropriate.

We recommend our asymmetric triangle earrings for something that is both stylish and elegant - they make a subtle statement, and frame your face. At the same time they are light and comfortable to wear, and versatile to style with a shirt or a jumper or even a polo neck. 

Alternatively, our silver drop earrings are one of my favourites when accessorising for a meeting (virtual or otherwise). They are comfortable to wear for long periods, perfect for everyday use, and look modern and stylish.

Hoop or stud earrings

If you do not like to wear long or drop earrings , you can still accessorise for your video meetings with a simpler pair. I love small hoops and stud earrings for wearing everyday while working from home, as they complement a wide range of outfits and are effortless to wear.

One of my favourite pairs of studs from our collection is the concave sterling silver studs. These are bold enough to show up on a video call, but versatile so they can be worn with any number of outfits.

If you are someone who loves a pair of hoops for everyday wear, our rose gold-plated twisted hoop earrings are a great option. Also available in silver and gold-plated, they are eye-catching and unique in design, but still small and elegant.

Simple pendant necklace

If you’re wearing a bolder pair of earrings, you can keep it simple with a delicate pendant necklace that coordinates well with the earrings.

Our sterling silver ring pendant is a great option for video meetings, as its classic and elegant design helps to make a subtle statement, without being overwhelming! 

Or, for an option in gold that is sure to work perfectly with any shirt or blouse, our 9k yellow gold disc pendant from our Indian Ocean Collection is a brilliant working from home staple.

Small silver locket

I feel there is something special about wearing a locket on a daily basis, even while working from home. They are elegant and understated, while allowing you to have a special keepsake close by you as you go about your day of work.

Our round silver locket comes with a black cord for a more unique alternative to a chain, but it can also be swapped for your favourite silver chain when you fancy a change!

Bright-coloured shirt or blouse

When it comes to the clothes that you want to pair with these accessories, a smart shirt or blouse, like the type you would usually wear to the office, is a good option here. I recommend a bright, block colour such as a vibrant blue. You should avoid patterned clothing because they tend not to show up very well on video calls and they can be distracting.

Comfortable trousers

Now more than ever it is important to feel comfortable while working especially as we are at home, so I recommend something like stretchable tailored trousers or even smart joggers. These allow you to feel dressed and ready for work, while also not causing any discomfort as you attend your video meetings.


I hope my guide on dressing for video conferencing has given you some inspiration! If you’re looking for some working from home jewellery staples, you can browse our earrings and necklaces to get started.