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Milina London is pleased to be collaborating with food brand Yumtaz to offer these wonderful gift sets for those following Ramadan and celebrating Eid.

2020 and now 2021 have been really hard for most people.  The last 13 months have been filled with many challenges for everyone.  We have not been able to see our loved ones, not been able to celebrate happy occasions, not been able to support each other through difficult times the way we would have liked to.  Now, during the holy month of Ramadan, it is still not possible for families to get together and celebrate.  

So, Jumana, the founder of Yumtaz, and Milina both thought of putting together their two wonderful products into a small gift package that you can send to your loved ones to celebrate Eid.  A small box of premium quality salted caramel and quinoa stuffed medjool dates for a touch of sweetness and a pair of handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone earrings for some sparkle.  We hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful celebration and we can help make it that little bit special. 

About the creators 

Jumana Kapadia is the founder of food brand Yumtaz.  The inspiration behind Yumtaz is her beautiful parents ‒ memories of their love for food and her mum’s exquisite culinary skills (which thankfully she passed on to Jumana).  All the recipes at Yumtaz ensure a perfect balance of nutrition and yumminess.  Everything is packed with her mum’s secret recipes, her parents’ goodness, positive energy and generosity.  

Milina’s love and passion for jewellery stem from her childhood, growing up in India.  Inspired by her upbringing and keen to work with other artisan jewellers across the world, Milina London became a way for her to channel her creativity and passion whilst working collaboratively with other designers and skilled artisans.  

Today Milina London revolves around sourcing, designing and making beautiful timeless jewellery using mainly sterling silver, natural stones and freshwater pearls.  They work directly with artisans and small co-operative workshops to ensure fair working practices, excellent quality and the best materials, to bring these affordable luxuries to their customers.   

Jumana and Milina have been friends for nearly 20 years.  They both started their independent businesses a few years ago and are pioneering women entrepreneurs (‘mumpreneurs’).  They have a shared ethos and passion to ensure all their products are made from the best materials and made to the highest quality.